The Steve Jobs designed boat anchored in Palma de Mallorca

The founder of Apple died without enjoying one of his greatest dreams, this yacht is 78 meters long and 12 sleeve

El superyate Venus he devised Steve Jobs in partnership with designer Philippe Stark is the first image, spectacular, summer Mallorca. Ship commissioned by the father of Apple and mass iPad and iPhoneWhen he was already mortally ill, stay until July 7 docked in Club de Mar's seafront promenade Palma de Mallorca.

It is a striking, rare boat in your profile and noticeable details. It has a very elongated hull, passing a bow like the edge of a vertical knife with metal mirrors a rotunda and square stern. It has three decks in use, with large windows up to 14 meters. It is a giant mansion that hovers over the sea, ferry vanguard capable of great voyages. It is very fast and convenient but can not access the hidden coves that invite you to relax and the bathroom that occur on the coast, precisely because of its immense size: is 78 meters long and 12 wide.

Around the ship no signs of those traveling in it, beyond the crew of fourteen. Probably it is waiting to receive the Jobs family or your guests to take a Mediterranean journey. The direction of the yacht club did not provide details of their clients, not the daily cost of the mooring and services for the superyacht.

In his autobiography, in conversation with Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs He explained his involvement in the project of the yacht as well as the delay suffered due to its construction required level of perfection.

Apple CEO boat devised in partnership with Stark from his experience of years aboard yachts rented to spend the holidays with his family. He Venus It was launched a year after Jobs' death in Dutch Koninklijke shipyards, with the assistance of the widow of tycoon, Laurence, and three children. Starck displays in your web design as one's own work, as well as bicycles and green cars, knives, chairs, household objects or large restaurants and hotels of your bill.

The Venus it is not the largest of the giant ships of the new generation of excessive billionaires: Wins Eclipse of Roman Abramovich Chelsea and Octopus de Paul Allen, Co-founder of Microsoft. Owners Oracle (Larry Ellison) with the Rising Sun handle large ships, in some cases, double in length to -largo- Venus. Google co-founder Larry Page, use a smaller boat, Senses, 66 meters.

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